Homeless Ministry

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Our Brother Martin Tomczuk had this passion in his heart for the homeless around Victoria. He and another volunteer started giving some  food  in Victoria area then later on since September last year other members joined the team to start at Elephant and Castle. Myself joined the team in that opportunity. The team now goes from Elephant and Castle to Waterloo looking for the homeless and providing  food, tea, coffee, chocolates and others. We pray for them  and minister to them sometimes in winter time some members of the church provide some clothing when they needed..

Wonderful Food


Thanks to God for those who prepare the food. Because of what they do we are able to be there on the street to give them this wonderful food! Praise God!






As ones who know Jesus as our friend we also are called to make friends!  Friendship is very important in this ministry we want to help them to build a relationship with Jesus!

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